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Cleveland Indians News & Notes 7/9/13: BroFail Edition

Nick Swisher's bad night, Zach's rehab and Omar's artistry

Jason Miller

Nick Swisher’s embarrassing night in Cleveland | Yahoo! Sports Minute Blog - Yahoo! Sports: Nick Swisher's no good very bad horrible game garnering national attention.

Zach McAllister throws simulated game: Cleveland Indians Insider | The Cleveland Indians' right-handed starter threw every pitch but his curveball during a session in Progressive Field as he continues to rehab from a sprained finger.

Salazar to Cleveland rumor swirling | The Columbus Dispatch: Salazar to Cleveland for Thursday's game?

From bats to paint brushes — Cleveland Indians player’s new exhibit: Omar Vizquel - artist with the glove and with a paintbrush

Giving Back: Cleveland Indians hold kid camps - Indians Summer Camps coming to 8 Cleveland suburbs.

Bartolo Colon continues to defy logic and reason at age 40 | The Strike Zone - LGFT Bartolo Colon keeps going and going.

Trade market for Chicago Cubs' Matt Garza heats up - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN: Matt Garza wants to remain with the Chicago Cubs, but his trade value is peaking at the right time.

Athletes on Twitter: How they battle the trolls, their own bad judgment - San Jose Mercury News: Bay Area pro athletes from the Giants, As, 49ers, Raiders, Warriors and Sharks discuss how to navigate the treacherous world of social media.

"Sandlot" 20th-Anniversary Tour in Lake County on Friday - Heldenfiles - Ohio: Classic baseball movie "The Sandlot" is 20 years old.