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Giambi Makes History and Other Tribe News and Notes 7/30/13

Happy Trade Deadline Eve, crimestoppers. Giampa surpasses Henry Aaron in one category and silences Hawk Harrelson - AT THE SAME TIME!

Giampa, making history
Giampa, making history
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Giambi Breaks Aaron’s MLB Record With Game-Ending Home Run at 42 - Bloomberg - Jason Giambi surpassed Hank Aaron as the oldest player in Major League Baseball history to hit a game-ending home run as he lifted the Cleveland Indians to a 3-2 win over the Chicago White Sox.

Hawk Harrelson goes silent again after Jason Giambi's walk-off homer | July | 2013 - Enough not said.

Indians closer Chris Perez does his talking on the mound, won’t speak to media - Indians - Ohio - And now he seems to be pitching better. Coincidence?

Carlos Moncrief: Cleveland’s most surprising 2013 prospect | WaitingForNextYear - WFNY gives Carlos Moncrief a little love.

After Tigers acquire reliever, how should Tribe respond? - Cleveland Indians - Ohio - Yep, Sheldon. Wrong question.

Baseball | MLB | News Story - Peavy bracing for possible trade - - Jake Peavy may or may not be starting tonight's game.

Tigers Acquire Jose Veras | FanGraphs Baseball - Fangraphs breaks down the Jose Veras to Detroit deal.

Lindor lifts Aeros with fast start - Akron, OH - The Suburbanite - Lindor profiled.

Indians' rotation turning heads with solid work | News - notes column

Marriage proposal business helps local clients pop the question in style | - Better hope she says "yes." There is a connection to the Indians and Progressive FIeld.

George Scott was a big man who did big man things. | : Leigh Montville Article - George "Boomer" Scott was a sweetheart. That was what he was, this one-time leader of the American League in home runs and runs batted in, winner of eight Gold Gloves, who died on Monday, sick and old before his time at 69 in Greenville, Miss.

What Are the Mets Doing With Marlon Byrd? | The Rotation - Good question.

Cape Cod hosts some of baseball's top amateurs. | : Howard Megdal Article - Howard Megdal explores the Cape Cod Baseball League