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July 29 News and Notes

the last time I posted one of these, the Indians sucked! How quickly things change...

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Who's at the door?
Who's at the door?
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
  • Saturday night, Justin Masterson was the first pitcher to strike out Adrian Beltre since Felix Hernandez on July 3.
  • More about Lopez (b-ref) -- He has suddenly started striking people out this year. Not sure how long that can last.
  • As we have seen first hand the past couple days, the Rangers are having huge problems scoring runs. There is increasing possibility of them trading Joe Nathan for a bat.

  • And here's more background on that from a few days ago:
  • This came as a shock to me: Yuniesky Betancourt is still playing—and playing a lot—he has batted 289 times!
    This did not come as a shock to me: Betancourt has a .592 OPS and has drawn 10 walks all season.