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Open Thread: July 25th 2013

Use this thread to discuss today's MLB action as well as any other topic you want to discuss.

Otto Greule Jr

Here's today's MLB games:

American League

New York at Texas, 2:05 PM (Kuroda vs. Holland)

Detroit at Chicago, 2:05 PM (Verlander vs. Peavy)

Houston at Toronto, 7:07 PM (Bedard vs. Buerhle)

Tampa Bay at Boston, 7:10 PM (Hellickson vs. Lackey)

Baltimore at Kansas City, 8:10 PM (Gonzalez vs. Guthrie)

Los Angeles at Oakland, 10:05 PM (Wilson vs. Straily)

Minnesota at Seattle, 10:10 PM (Correia vs. Iwakuma)

National League

Atlanta at New York, 1:05 PM (in progress)

Pittsburgh at Washington, 1:05 PM (in progress)

San Diego at Milwaukee, 2:05 PM (Volquez vs. Gallardo)

Miami at Colorado, 3:10 PM (Eovaldi vs. Nicasio)

Philadelphia at St. Louis, 7:15 PM (Kendrick vs. Lynn)

Chicago at Arizona, 9:40 PM (Villanueva vs. Miley)

Cincinnati at Los Angeles, 10:10 PM (Latos vs. Greinke)

Indians Minors

Columbus at Buffalo (in progress) - Carlos Carrasco starting

Richmond at Akron, 7:05 PM - Matt Packer starting

Carolina at Winston-Salem, 7:00 PM - TBD starting

Lake County at South Bend, 7:05 PM - Sisco starting

State College at Mahoning Valley, 7:05 PM - Sulser starting

DSL Indians at DSL Dodgers, 10:30 AM