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July 24 Tribe News and Notes

for the first time in his career, K-Rod is a bird

I have a sudden craving for mustard. Wait, no I don't.
I have a sudden craving for mustard. Wait, no I don't.
  • "Rough and Ready" Zach McAllister returned from the DL last night and was greeted by his teammates with a bushel full of errors. It must have felt just like old times for Zach, who is used to giving up a ton of unearned runs.
  • We'd better not be a match. Adding to this team would be a mistake. Now is, however, the time to trade Asdrubal. The way this team is playing, the "clubhouse concern" is nothing to worry about. If they wanted him to stick around so badly, they should have remembered that baseball still needs to be played after the ASB.
  • Anyone know who the equivalent guy would be in our system? And should we have done that for a guy with a 360 ERA+? Scratch that. It implies we have reason to go for it this year.
  • LGT Offseason Target Shaun Marcum was released by the Mets. "He signed a one-year, $4MM contract with the Mets this offseason that contained an additional $4MM worth of incentives."
  • A-Rod is going to go unnoticed here, because we have enough baseball-related problems.
  • The Red Sox re-signed a gnome. He'll reportedly play second base.
  • and finally... before you wonder what happened to Lukehart:
    Great timing on that, Jason. If you were even luckier, you would have left sometime this past weekend.