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Final Score: Minnesota Twins 3, Cleveland Indians 2

If Bruce Banner were a Tribe fan, he'd be Hulk-smashing things now.

"You again?"
"You again?"
Hannah Foslien

Four off days for this?

  • A Scott Kazmir of late has included 4-5 scoreless innings, followed by an injury, followed by an exit earlier than anticipated. The scoreless streak reached five innings, the injury happened in the sixth (it was a calf cramp), followed by two unearned runs, followed by an early exit.
  • Defense killed the Indians tonight. Lonnie Chisenhall's error in the sixth led to two unearned runs. So Kazmir left the mound in the sixth have pitched an exceptional game but destined to not get a decision.
  • The the eighth inning happened. Joe Smith pitched around a Nick Swisher error, but made a two-out, two-strike mistake to Joe Mauer. With first base open, the obvious question was: why wouldn't you walk Mauer there? Even if you didn't want to use Rich Hill (which I can't really quibble with), why not face the left-handed hitter that's hitting .273/.331/.406?
  • The Twins, on the other hand, played fantastic defense all evening, capped off in the ninth when Pedro Florimon dove to catch Michael Brantley's line drive to start the ninth. It didn't really matter, though, for the next two batters were retired in order to end a very frustrating game.
  • The frustrations go beyond just the game, as the Indians could have gained ground on the Tigers, Yankees and the loser of the Rangers/Orioles game with a win that they seemingly had in hand.

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