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Indians podcast: What's working? What's not? What's next?

Jason and Ryan discuss the season's first half, then look ahead to the trade deadline and beyond.


This week's guest on Let's Talk Tribe is Ryan Richards, Let's Go Tribe's very own editor and lead writer.

Topics include what worked well in the first half and what didn't (which part of that conversation includes Jason Kipnis? Listen and find out!), the Competitive Balance Lottery pick the Indians just won, and the trade deadline (now less than two weeks away). Should the Indians be buyers or sellers? Does it matter what other players would think of dealing away Asdrubal Cabrera? Francisco Lindor forces his way into our conversation too, just like he forced his way into Akron (how often do you see those five words together???).

The audio is embedded below and can also be found at Let's Go Tribe's Blog Talk Radio page.

Here you go:

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