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Cleveland Indians News: Tribe receives extra pick in next year's draft

The Tribe has won an extra spot in the top 40 picks of next year's draft.

Mike Stobe

This afternoon the Indians won the 3rd pick in Round A of MLB's Competitive Balance Lottery, which takes place just after the 1st round of the draft. The Competitive Balance Lottery (CBL) was implemented for the first time last year, as a way to give disadvantaged teams the chance at landing an additional prospect.

The ten smallest-market teams and ten lowest revenue teams are eligible for the CBL, though since there is a lot of overlap between those two lists, there don't end up actually being 20 eligible teams (this year there were 14). The worse a team's record, the better its chances of landing a high pick. 6 spots are awarded for Round A, and those selections come in between the MLB draft's 1st and 2nd rounds. Then an additional 6 spots are awarded for Round B, with those selections taking place in between the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

The Indians missed out on Round A last year, but ended up with the top pick in Round B. They later forfeited that selection when they signed Michael Bourn. This year's pick is a more valuable commodity, because it falls more than 30 picks earlier, at a point in the draft when the decline in available talent over the course of 30 picks is substantial.

It can't yet be said with any certainty where the 3rd pick of Round A will fall in next year's draft, but it was the 36th pick in this year's draft should fall somewhere near there again in 2014. With the additional draft choice comes additional slot pool money. This year the slot for the 3rd pick of Round A was $1.55M. Unlike regular MLB draft picks, the selections from the CBL can be traded. It's not likely that the Indians would look to deal away their pick, but the option is there, should the right situation arise.

The Colorado Rockies won the 1st pick in Round A, while the Athletics and Reds were the two eligible teams that didn't win a spot in either round. You can find the complete results of the Competitive Balance Lottery at