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Cleveland Indians news, notes, and links for Saturday, July 13

News and notes for Saturday, July 13. A big win, followed by a big promotion, followed by a big trade (maybe).

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The Indians won 3-0 Friday night, with Corey Kluber striking out 8 in 7.2 shutout innings, followed by Joe Smith and Cody Allen finishing things off. Carlos Santana had a pair of hits and knocked in the first run. Michael Bourn had a pinch-hit double that drove in the last two. Mark Reynolds struck out three times, but also bunted for a hit, which doesn't happen every presidential term.

Box score

Jordan Bastian's recap from

Dennis Manoloff's recap from the Plain Dealer


Other Indians links:

The Indians have promoted top prospect Francisco Lindor to Class AA Akron. That seems like a more manageable road trip for most Tribe fans than Zebulon, North Carolina.

ESPN's Buster Olney reports the Indians and Cardinals have discussed a possible trade involving shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera, presumably with the Tribe getting back some of St. Louis' wealth of young pitching. I could be talked into such a deal, but don't expect the team to be happy if a veteran is traded away while the team is contending.

Are you familiar with Carson Cistulli, leader of the Corey Kluber Society? The notes from today's Society meeting also include bonus footage of Danny Salazar's breaking ball.

Mike Axisa of CBS Eye on Baseball puts together a team of the greatest players never named to an All-Star team. Multiple (former) Indians make the cut and unless you already knew he was never an All-Star, the team's left fielder may come as quite a surprise.

At SB Nation, Cee Angi looks at the Tribe's rotation and top prospects, and considers whether the team will and/or should look to make a deal before the deadline. I don't want to see the team give up much talent for Garza (only signed for three more months) or Norris, and I can't see the Indians paying Cliff Lee's salary. Circumstances (and my opinions) are subject to change though.


Grantland's Jonah Keri examines how the possible suspensions from the Biogenesis situation might impact various teams and playoff races. I think the most likely outcome (if the rumored suspensions are in fact handed out) is that appeals keep any of the penalties from beginning until 2014 (and Keri acknowledges that possibility), but I think it's still interesting to have a sense of what the effects might me, should things develop more quickly.


Sports on Earth's Will Leitch looks at Yasiel Puig, and the backlash that is already building against the incredible hype that has surrounded him. It was inevitable that at some point people would start to criticize Puig (which Letich is not doing). I find assaulting the character of someone about whom so little is known to be distasteful.


Baseball-Reference has a very handy page for anyone with questions about why a player's WAR varies from site to site. Seriously, if you're interested in the nuts and bolts of one of the more prevalent metrics of the last couple years, you should bookmark that page.


For this week's list, a look at my favorite movies of the late 1970s. I'm going to cheat a but here, by singling out my favorite year of the decade in film for its own list, then giving a separate list for the other four years. If you don't like it, yell at me in the comments.


6) Barry Lyndon

5) Nashville

4) Monty Python and the Holy Grail

3) One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

2) Dog Day Afternoon

1) Jaws

That top three is as good a trio as you will find in any one year. It's worth noting that each of those three finished in the top five for box office as well. I guess audience's had better taste back then.


6) Close Encounters of the Third Kind

5) Alien

4) Breaking Away

3) The Bad News Bears

2) Taxi Driver

1) Star Wars