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Let's Talk Tribe: Episode 5 (Clark Fosler)

This week's guest is Clark Fosler, editor and writer at Royals Review. Jason and Clark discuss the state of affairs for the Indians and Royals as they head into the All-Star Break, and the ups and downs of life as a small market team.

Jamie Squire

This week's guest on Let's Talk Tribe is Clark Fosler, an editor and writer at Royals Review.

Topics include this weekend's series between the Indians and Royals, each team's chances of contending after the All-Star break, the James Shields/Wil Myers trade, the frustration that comes from the lack of successful pitching prospects (the excitement it brings when a prospect comes up and performs the way Danny Salazar did yesterday), and life as a small market team, including the matter of rebuilding vs. going for it.

The audio is embedded below and can also be found at Let's Go Tribe's Blog Talk Radio page.

Here you go:

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