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MLB Final Score/Recap: Toronto Blue Jays 5, Cleveland Indians 4

Last night's takeaway: the bullpen needs upgraded yesterday.

July 10, 2013

Blue Jays 5, Indians 4

There was one giant takeaway from this game: the bullpen needs upgraded yesterday. Justin Masterson was running on fumes in the seventh inning, but instead of taking him out of the first walk, Terry Francona left him in. And He left him after the second walk, even with time enough to warm up someone besides Preston Guilmet. And Terry Francona brought in Joe Smith to pitch in his fourth straight day in the ninth, with rather predictable results. Add to that Michael Bourn's miscue in the outfield, and you have yourself a game that you should won twice but instead lost.

(Sorry for the briefness of this recap. Thanks to last night's storm, my Internet was out until 12:30 AM).

Source: FanGraphs