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7/10 Tribe News and Notes

It would be really nice if TJ House and Danny Salazar could become more than TINSTAAPPs.

A favorite of some Tribe fans.
A favorite of some Tribe fans.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports
  • Good thing the Indians didn't sign Shaun Marcum. The right-hander is out for the season. {but...}
  • After yesterday's, Indians pitchers now lead the league in shutouts with 11—even though they rank 13th in the AL in ERA.
  • If his command is better than most post-TJ guys, this would be ideal for the Indians... It allows us to wait a little longer to see if we hang in the race and won't cost us in prospects like any other bullpen addition.
  • CWS Trade Bait Jake Peavy pitched a 4-inning simulated game on Tuesday.
  • CWS helping hands Dayan Viciedo and Alex Rios led Chicago to an 11-4 victory over Detroit. Verlander and AlAl gave up the deciding runs.
  • Speaking of Rios...
  • The Tigers have...