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7/1 News and Notes

Detroit has not played the CWS yet this year. They haven't played the White Sox either.

One of Kazmir's TB franchise records was tied.
One of Kazmir's TB franchise records was tied.
  • If the White Sox were to have their fire sale today, their depleted ballclub would play 19 games against Detroit (wait, what?) and 10 games against Cleveland.
  • Indians performance in Chicago prompts plaudits by Pat McManamon is full of optimism, but also contains this depressing sentence:
    Nick Swisher [is] a guy who can’t take off a T-shirt without wincing because of a sore left shoulder.
  • According to Trevor Bauer, he has "been listening to too many of the voices around me instead of doing what I know works best for me.”
    This will go well...
  • The LA Times takes a look at Yasiel Puig's astounding month of June
  • Somehow, Jess Todd has not pitched for the Marlins or Astros in 2013.
  • The Rays beat the Tigers 3-1 behind Jeremy Hellickson on Sunday. It was Hellickson's 5th win in June, tying the Rays franchise record (Kazmir, Price).
  • Jake Westbrook was beat around by the A's yesterday.