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Cleveland Indians Sunday News and Notes: June 9, 2013

#umpshow, Carlos Carrasco, Clint Frazier, and other Tribe news.

"Who you lookin' at, bro?"
"Who you lookin' at, bro?"
Leon Halip

Yesterday's Game

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Terry Francona talked about his ejection in the eighth inning:

"When I saw Andy get a little more animated, I got out there," Francona said. "I had no intention of getting thrown out of the game. I just wanted to get in between he and Swish. The way Andy approached me, I thought he lost his composure. I don't think I had any chance of staying in that game. Spit was coming out of his mouth, and [he was] gesturing and everything."

As expected, it was the umpire that brought this on, which is inexcusable.

As for the performance on the field, there's not much good to glean from yesterday's game. Carlos Carrasco, who is likely to drop the appeal on his suspension before today's game, laid another egg yesterday, which put the Indians behind early yet again. Just as the starting pitchers drove the 18-4 stretch earlier this season, starting pitchers have driven this 4-14 stretch. And the offense has gone into its shell, with practically every regular in the lineup in the midst of some sort of slump. You could say that all this bad play is a result of the team's they've played, and you could have a point, but I think that's way too simplistic.

Indians News

Cleveland proud of its performance in 2013 Draft | News

What, did you expect the Indians to be ticked off?

I'll be breaking this down later today but my first impression with the overall draft is that this could turn out to be a very good draft or a horrible draft, and most of it has to do with Clint Frazier. Clint has as much upside as anyone in the draft, but along with that upside comes a lot of risk that he won't even be a major-league player. For instance, the player selected #6, Colin Moran, is going to be a major-league player, but not likely an All-Star type of a player. For many years the Indians have gone with the Morans, so it's nice to see them start to understand that sometimes you need to take a chance on upside.

AL Central News

Jose Valverde experiment failing: It's time to move on - Bless You Boys

As an Indians fan, I vehemently disagree with this. Valverde is a great closer!

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Wait? Tom Seaver played for the White Sox?

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The firing press conference to be scheduled two weeks from now.

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