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2013 MLB Draft Results: Cleveland Indians select Clint Frazier with first round selection.

The Indians spurned the polished college bat for a high school player with tremendous upside


For most of the runup to the draft, the Indians had been linked with college third baseman Colin Moran, but they selected high school outfielder Clint Frazier instead.

Who is Clint Frazier? He's a high school outfielder from Loganville, Georgia, a player with outstanding bat speed and massive power potential, particularly for someone his size (6'1"). In baseball disparate skill/tool combinations make for stars, and Frazier has that potential for stardom because he combines those hitting skills with physical tools (very good arm, good speed). Because he has the bat for a corner position, it's not going to be a big deal if he has to be moved from center.

Now for the cautionary stuff. Frazier is a high school player, so don't expect him in Cleveland any time soon. For reference, Francisco Lindor, one of the best prospects in the majors, was drafted two years ago, and although he's one of the youngest players in his league, he's still a good year-and-a-half from the majors. But you should be excited about this pick, as the Indians are getting a player who has the potential to be a star.

Scouting report from Baseball America:

Frazier brings premium bat speed, solid athleticism and an all-out style, making him a strong contender to be the first high school player drafted this year. However, scouts do not put him in the same class as last year’s top prospect, fellow Georgia prep outfielder Byron Buxton (now with the Twins). While he’s modestly sized, Frazier has fast-twitch athleticism and strength in his hands, wrists and forearms. He generates tremendous bat speed and plus-plus raw power that should play at any level. He hits ‘em far and hits homers with regularity. While Frazier has a compact swing, scouts expect him to swing and miss a decent amount with his aggressive approach and modest feel for hitting.

He’s an above-average runner whose speed plays better offensively than in the field. Frazier’s defense in center field remains raw; he lacks instincts and tries to outrun his mistakes. He has shown above-average arm strength in the past, but scouts say he has played through pain this spring and his arm has played as average or worse at times. Thanks to his bat and power, Frazier should hit enough if he has to move to a corner and fits in the first 10 selections.

SBN's Crawfish Boxes on Frazier:

His ceiling is that of an above-average center-fielder with the ability to launch 25 home runs in his best seasons. He would also likely have a batting average over .275 that year with about a .350 OBP. Not bad if I do say so myself. I think it's possible that this might be lofty, but I don't think its outside the realm of possibility.

Indians Baseball Insider's recap of the selection scouting video on Frazier: