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Cleveland Indians Transactions: Indians purchase contract of Joe Martinez, option Matt Langwell

The Indians desperately need someone who can eat some innings, and Joe Martinez is the man for the job.

Joe Martinez
Joe Martinez
Jake Roth - USA Today

Every reliever pitched for the Indians yesterday, and so the Indians had to have a fresh arm in case (haha) Ubaldo Jimenez couldn't go deep into the game today. So, with a 40-man roster spot open after DFAing John McDonald, the Indians recalled Clippers longman Joe Martinez.

Joe Martinez has pitched over 1,000 minor-league innings, but only 50.2 major-league innings. He's never been a prospect, but he's stuck around in various organizations for this long because he's a been a useful longman for a minor-league bullpen. Did your top prospect suddenly get called up and you need a spot starter? Joe Martinez is your man. Do you need someone to eat some innings in a blowout? Joe Martinez is the man for the job. Now, his ERA in Columbus this year is over 6, but again, that's because he's been used/abused in a role that nobody would have much success in. So in one way this callup is a nice reward to a pitcher that's been a good organizational soldier.