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Indians podcast (Let's Talk Tribe: Episode 3)

This week's guest is Mark Primiano of South Side Sox, SB Nation's White Sox blog. Jason and Mark discuss this weekend's series between the two teams and more.

Jonathan Daniel

This week's guest on Let's Talk Tribe is Mark Primiano, writer for South Side Sox, our sister blog for the White Sox. Mark and I discussed this weekend's upcoming series between the Indians and Sox, the All-Star Game, the trade deadline, the White Sox' horrendous season, which Indian he fears the most, and how whether or not a team would pay you to attend their games if you could provide proof that they always won when you were in attendance. Near the end, Mark also presents a defense of Hawk Harrelson!

The audio is a little sketchy for a couple seconds at a time in three or four instances. I'm in the midst of a travel debacle and had to both reschedule on Mark at the last minute (which he was gracious enough to do) and use a less than ideal phone connection. My apologies for those few small sections that are a little hard to hear.

I've embedded the audio below and you can also find it at the LGT page on BlogTalkRadio.

Here you go:

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