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June 24 News and Notes

good thing we didn't trade for LGT trade target Dan Haren

Blake Wood.
Blake Wood.
Jamie Squire
  • The Nationals are likely to place Dan Haren on the DL with a case of the sucks bad back.
  • Nick Swisher returned to the Tribe lineup yesterday. The Indians are 9-3 in games that Swisher has not played in.
  • The Blue Jays, behind Josh Johnson, extended their winning streak to 11. If the Jays fall out of the race, but the Indians don't, I'd love a trade for Johnson.

  • One thing that could make this tweet better (there aren't many) is if McCarthy created the gif himself.
  • The Bears beat the Texans 14-6. Sans Urlacher, the Chicago defense was still able to hold Arian Foster to 33 yards rushing. Bears WR Jeff Samardzija scored both TDs, but had to leave the game after exceeding his snap count.
  • Jose Iglesias of Boston still has a BABIP of .484, somehow.