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Indians podcast (Let's Talk Tribe: Episode 2)

Host Jason Lukehart discusses all things Indians with this week's guest, Evan Dawson, who recently interviewed Tribe announcer Tom Hamilton.

This week's guest is Evan Dawson, better known around these parts until recently as Tabler84. Evan had the chance to interview Tom Hamilton last week and if you haven't already read that piece, do so now! Evan and discuss that interview and baseball broadcasting in general, then get into the state of the Indians, which is much better than it was when I recorded the first episode (at which time the Indians were on an 8-game losing streak).

We also talk about Corey Kluber's recent dominance (and whether improvements in the starting rotation are for real or not), bullpen woes, and whether or not the Indians should be looking for outside improvements as the trade deadline appears on the horizon.

I've embedded the audio below, but you can also find it here, at the LGT page on BlogTalkRadio.

Anyway, here you go:

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