Progressive Field reaches 1,000 regular season HBPs

Jason Miller
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My apologies if this has already been covered nonstop on local tv, newspapers and talk radio for the last day... but just in case you missed it, in the 7th inning yesterday when Corey Kluber hit Ian Desmond, that was the 1,000th regular season HBP in Progressive Field history. Not only that, but it was the 739th plunk at Progressive Field where Omar Vizquel wasn't on the field, and the 993rd that didn't involve Eric Plunk. 525 of those plunks have landed on Indians, and 475 have been thrown by Indians. The Twins have been the most plunked visitor with 57, followed by the White Sox and Royals with 52 and 51.

The first plunk ever recorded at Progressive Field was thrown by Dennis Martinez and hit Edgar Martinez on April 4, 1994. That was just the 8th pitch in park history, in the 1st inning of opening day, and Edgar left the game after the inning and took two games off due to injury. Perhaps more surprising about that game is that Randy Johnson started for the Mariners, but failed to throw the 2nd plunk in park history. (In fact none of Randy Johnson's 190 career plunks were at Progressive Field, though he hit 3 at Cleveland Stadium). Also strange about that first plunk was that Dennis and Edgar have the same last name. Since then, none of the next 999 plunks at Progressive (aka Jacobs) Field have involved a batter and pitcher with the same last name. And that includes both last names of Fausto Carmona/Roberto Hernandez, who never plunked anyone named Carmona or Hernandez among his park record 28 plunks. Hernandez, Charles Nagy (24) and CC Sabathia (21) are the only pitchers who have thrown more than 20 plunks at the park.

Travis Hafner was the batter for exactly 5% of the first 1000 Progressive Field plunks, getting hit a park record 50 times. Grady Sizemore has the next highest total with 30, and Ryan Garko has 25. Victor Martinez was the catcher overseeing 99 of those 1000, just ahead of Sandy Alomar's 94. But, the player who was on the field for the most Progressive Field plunks, as either a batter, defensive player, or baserunner was Omar Vizquel. He was on the field for 261. 221 were thrown while he was playing shortstop, 14 hit him, 23 while he was a base runner, and 3 batters were hit while he was playing 2nd base. 2 of those plunks where Vizquel was a baserunner were in situations where he was on third and the bases were loaded, but Jhonny Peralta and Jim Thome were both driven in by RBI plunks 3 times at Progressive Field. In all there have been 31 RBI plunks at the park, and Travis Hafner, Sandy Alomar and Ben Broussard are the only players with 2 RBI plunks there.

Progressive Field is the 10th oldest ballpark currently in use in the majors, and they're the 13th to have 1000 plunks recorded. Since 1994, Progressive Field ranks 10th in total HBPs by ballpark (that includes former Marlins home, Sun Life Stadium, where 1,072 plunks where thrown, but that park is not included in the previous sentence where it says 13 parks currently in use have had 1000 HBPs).

Congratulations, Progressive Field, on your first 1000 HBPs.

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