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MLB Draft 2013: Cleveland Indians Signings Thread

Here I'll update the players signed, along with the bonus pool update.

Clint Frazier
Clint Frazier
Jason Miller

Update: July 12th was the signing deadline for 2013 draft picks, so the players that remain unsigned are not turning pro. The Indians ended up signing 8 of their 9 top picks, and 12 of their top 14 picks. The total haul was 24 picks out of 39 selections.

The Indians have announced some signings already, but only one of them has been in their top ten selections. Don't read anything into that, as usually they tend to release most of their signings all at once. With Clint Frazier in Cleveland tonight, I'm betting that the Indians will also announced several other of their top round signings at the same time.

Here's a quick reminder about what the draft pool is and how it works. Each club's pick in the top 10 rounds is assigned a dollar value per the CBA, and although clubs may exceed that assigned value, they cannot exceed the sum of all those values without incurring severe penalties:

- A team that exceeds its budget by less than 5% is subject to a 75% tax on the overage.

- A team that exceeds its budget by 5-10% is subject to a 75% tax on the overage and the loss of their 1st round pick in the following season.

- A team that exceeds its budget by 10-15% is subject to a 100% tax on the overage and the loss of their 1st and 2nd round picks in the following season.

- A team that exceeds its budget by more than 15% is subject to a 100% tax on the overage and the loss of their 1st round pick for the following two seasons.

So in effect the Indians' draft pool of $6,188,000 is a hard cap. If a club wants to exceed a particular slot value for one player, they have to save money elsewhere by signing another player for less than slot value. And if a club doesn't sign a draft pick, that slot value is subtracted from their overall pool. Hence the strategy of drafting at least a couple college seniors the two years this framework has been in place. Last year, the Indians drafted three college seniors in their top 10 selections: Joe Wendle (6), Jacob Lee (9), and Josh Martin (10), and signed each for $10,000 or less, allowing them to exceed slot value on several high school draft picks. The Wendle selection looks great now, because not only did the Indians save slot value, but it looks like they might have drafted an actual prospect.

Round Pick Player Pos. Exp. School Slot Value Actual Bonus Diff
1 5 Clint Frazier OF High School Loganville HS, GA $3,787,000 $3,500,000 +$287,000
3 79 Dace Kime RHP College JR
Louisville $692,200 $525,000 +$167,200
4 111 Kyle Crockett LHP College JR
Virginia $463,600 $463,000 +$600
5 141 Sean Brady LHP High School Ida S Baker HS, FL $347,100 $800,000 -$452,900
6 171 Casey Shane RHP High School Centennial HS, TX $259,900 $150,000 +$109,900
7 201 Kenny Matthews LHP Junior College Riverside CC $194,800 $150,000 +$44,800
8 231 Trevor Frank RHP College SR California - Riverside $158,300 $10,000 +$148,300
9 261 Thomas Pannone LHP Junior College College of So. Nevada $147,800 $120,000 +$27,800
10 291 Ross Kivett 2B College JR Kansas State $138,100 Will not sign
11 291 Adam Plutko RHP College JR
UCLA $100,000 $300,000 -$200,000
Max = $6,050,700 $6,050,600 $5,718,000 +$132,600

June 14, 2013

1st Round - OF Clint Frazier (High School) - $3,500,000/$3,787,000

The Indians will officially announce the signing tomorrow. The top pick accounts for more than half of the Tribe's draft pool, so inking Frazier to a bonus below the pool should help tremendously in signing any difficult picks elsewhere in the top 10.

6th Round - RHP Casey Shane (High School) - $150,000/$259,900

This signing is very interesting because Shane was committed to Texas A&M and was considered to be a difficult sign. But not only did the Indians sign him, but signed him for less than slot value.

8th Round - RHP Trevor Frank (College Senior) - $10,000/$158,300

Frank was UC Riverside's closer this past season, and because of his success in that role as well as his smallish size (6'0", 175 lbs), the Indians are undoubtedly going to use him out of the bullpen. He should move very quickly through the system.

9th Round - LHP Thomas Pannone (Junior College) - $120,000/$147,800

Pannone was committed to Arizona, but he chose to start his professional career instead. He spent much of his high school and junior college career as a two-way player, so he's very raw as a pitcher.

June 18, 2013

5th Round - LHP Sean Brady (High School) - $800,000/$347,100

The first overslot signing this year, the Indians coaxed Brady away from University of Florida. A 19-year-old, Brady has a decent fastball and a good curve/change combination. He should move quickly compared to other high school arms taken in this draft.

10th Round - 2B Ross Kivett (College Junior) - Will not sign

No details on what the Indians were offering, but Kivett has annouced via Twitter that he will return to Kansas State for his senior season. The Indians will have their overall draft pool reduced by $138,100, meaning that their max draft spend (without incurring penalties) is now $6,050,700 instead of $6,188,800.

June 21, 2013

3rd Round - RHP Dace Kime (College Junior) - $525,000/$692,200

As expected from a Defiance product (Chad Billingsley, Jon Niese), Kime has a wipeout curve in addition to his other pitches. Mostly a reliever in college, Kime moved to the rotation in the second half of his junior season. I'm guessing the Indians think he can be starter a given where they selected him. He'll probably go to Mahoning Valley.

7th Round - LHP Kenny Matthews (Junior College) - $150,000/$194,800

No details on the bonus yet. Matthews attended Cal State Fullerton, but then transferred to a junior college his sophomore year. Matthews doesn't have much of a fastball (high 80s), but he's a strike-thrower.He has the size (6'3", 210 lbs) to handle starting.

June 22, 2013

4th Round - LHP Kyle Crockett (College Junior) - $463,000/$463,600

Crockett is likely to be the first player from this draft to reach the majors if the Indians keep him in the bullpen. As Viriginia's closer this year, Crockett struck out 71 and walked only 7 in 58.1 innings this year.

July 11, 2013

11th Round - RHP Adam Putko (UCLA) - $300,000/$100,000 ($200,000 to count against draft pool)

$100,000 of Plutko's bonus does not count against the draft pool, but the remainder ($200,000) does because he was selected outside the top 10 rounds.

Plutko starred on UCLA's national championship team as their #1 starter. A teammate of both Gerrit Cole and Trevor Bauer, Putko's ceiling isn't near as high as those two, but he may carve out a career for himself as a fringe starter. And with some pool money left over from the first 10 rounds, signing Plutko is a worthy gamble.

For the remainder of the rounds, the slot value is $100,000. If they wanted to, a club could sign every one of their selections from Round 11-40 for $100,000 and not affect their draft pool status, but if they exceed the slot value, that marginal excess counts against their pool. For example, if the Indians would pay their 17th Round selection $150,000, $50,000 would count against their draft pool.

Round Pick Player Pos. Exp. School Bonus Cap Actual Bonus
11 321 Adam Plutko RHP College Junior UCLA $100,000 $300,000
12 351 Heath Quinn RF High School Oak Mountain HS, AL $100,000
13 381 Sicnarf Loopstok C Junior College Western OK St CC $100,000 N/A
14 411 Silento Sayles CF High School Port Gibson HS, MS $100,000 $100,000
15 441 James Roberts SS College Junior USC $100,000 N/A
16 471 Mark Payton OF College Junior Texas $100,000
17 501 Ryan Hendrix RHP High School Cypress Woods HS, TX $100,000
18 531 Paul Hendrix SS College Junior Texas Christian $100,000 $100,000
19 561 Matt Whitehouse LHP College Junior UC Irvine $100,000 N/A
20 591 Shane Rowland C College Junior U of Tampa $100,000 N/A
21 621 Paul Young RHP Junior College Central Alabama CC $100,000
22 651 Ben Heller RHP College Senior Olivet Nazarene U $100,000 N/A
23 681 Grant Fink 3B College Senior Missouri Western St Col $100,000 N/A
24 711 Kerry Doane RHP College Senior East Tennessee State $100,000 N/A
25 741 Cole Sulser RHP College Senior Dartmouth $100,000 N/A
26 771 Daniel Cogan RHP High School Rocklin HS, CA $100,000
27 801 Juan Gonzalez C High School Puerto Rico BB Academy $100,000
28 831 Steven Kane RHP Junior College Cypress College $100,000
29 861 Ridge Smith 3B High School Germantown HS, TN $100,000
30 891 Aaron Brown LHP College Soph Pepperdine $100,000
31 921 Wil Crowe RHP High School Pigeon Forge HS, TN $100,000
32 951 Cortland Cox RHP Junior College Riverside CC $100,000 N/A
33 981 Joe Wise LHP High School Cactus Shadows HS, AZ $100,000
34 1011 Dustin Cook RHP Junior College San Jacinto Coll. North $100,000
35 1041 Jordan Milbrath RHP College Junior Augustana College $100,000 N/A
36 1071 Mike Giuffre 2B Junior College Brookdale CC $100,000 N/A
37 1101 Garrett Smith 2B College Senior California Lutheran $100,000
38 1131 Justin Garcia RHP Junior College Weatherford College $100,000
39 1161 Frank Duncan RHP College Junior Kansas $100,000
40 1191 Dan Pellinen 3B High School North Woods School, MN $100,000
Totals $3,000,000 $200,000

June 14, 2013

14th Round CF Silento Sayles (High School) - $100,000/$100,000

He made headlines this season by stealing an astonishing 103 bases in 104 attempts. Obviously speed is his main tool, but the reason why he lasted until the 14th round was that he didn't really have any other major-league tools or skills. He also didn't really play against good competition, so I'd expect him to take a while to develop.

18th Round SS Paul Hendrix (College Junior) - $100,000/$100,000

The Indians drafted him in the 32nd Round last year, so they've been interested in him for a while. He played two seasons at Howard Junior College before transferring to TCU.

20th Round C Shane Rowland (College Junior) - N/A/$100,000

23rd Round 3B Grant Fink (College Senior) - N/A/$100,000

36th Round 2B Mike Giuffre (Junior College) - N/A/$100,000

June 15, 2013

13th Round C Sicnarf Loopstok (Junior College) - N/A/$100,000

19th Round LHP Matt Whitehouse (College Junior) - N/A/$100,000

22nd Round RHP Ben Heller (College Senior) - N/A/$100,000

24th Round RHP Kerry Doane (College Senior) - N/A/$100,000

25th Round RHP Cole Sulser (College Senior) - N/A/$100,000

27th Round C Juan Gonzalez (High School) - N/A/$100,000

37th Round 2B Garrett Smith (College Senior) - N/A/$100,000

June 24, 2013

15th Round SS James Roberts (College Junior) - N/A/$100,000

July 1, 2013

35th Round RHP Jordan Milbrath (College Junior) - N/A/$100,000

July 8, 2013

32nd Round RHP Cortland Cox (Junior College) - N/A/$100,000