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Let's Talk Tribe (LGT Podcast)

It's the Let's Go Tribe podcast! Host Jason Lukehart discusses all things Indians with this week's guest.

By popular demand (by which I mean a few people said they'd heard worse ideas), I bring you the inaugural episode of Let's Talk Tribe, LGT's new podcast, hosted by me!

It's 40 minutes of this week's guest and I (SPOILER: my guest was Ryan) talking about the draft, the recent spate of losing, Francisco Lindor, and Chris Perez's dog. It's perfect for that run you're heading out on, or the commute home, or as an alternative to Rick Manning during the game tonight.

The tentative plan is to do one of these just about every week, at least until the FCC shuts it down. Please bear with me while I get the hang of babbling less, not stepping on my guest's commentary, and finding a suave and sexy radio voice.

I've embedded the audio below, but you'll also eventually be able to find it (and future episodes) at the LGT page on BlogTalkRadio. I'll look into making the podcast available through iTunes too, but Apple takes a little while to approve that sort of thing, so it will be a few weeks.

Anyway, here you go:

Listen to internet radio with Lets Go Tribe Talk on BlogTalkRadio