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Ogando Will Not Start Vs Indians Tonight (MON News and Notes)

will this losing ever end?

  • Alexi Ogando will not start tonight against the Tribe. Josh Lindblom will take his place.
  • The Indians have lost 11 straight road games.
  • Lonnie Chisenhall is tearing the cover off of the baseball in AAA. The linked clecom article of course only mentions his .393 batting average, but his OPS is an even more impressive 1.190. In his previous 10 games, that number is 1.472.

    We're about to play games in a ballpark that amplifies guys who can really hit the baseball.

    We have Rich Hill on our roster, who undoubtably would get shelled in said ballpark.

    We have a short bench and an enormous bullpen.

  • The Mets sent 12 percent of their roster to AAA following their Sunday loss to the hapless Marlins. (Includes Ike Davis)
  • Would someone like to explain what each of these column headers represents?

    I assume that FB% is fastball% and SL% is slider% and CT% is cutter% and so on...

    But what are FBv, SLv, CTv, etc?

    Anyways, back to the point, assuming that FB% is fastball percent, the Indians see the 2nd lowest percentage of fastballs of any team in baseball. Not a surprise, considering we can't seem to hit anything else.

    A fangraphs guy on twitter tried helping me, but the glossary he linked to had none of these particular stats on it.