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Harvey Dominant in Mets 1-0 Win Over White Sox, Tribe Starters Pitching Very Well Lately

and hopefully JA Happ is alright...

Rough. Ready.
Rough. Ready.
  • Roberto Hernandez Fausto Carmona pitched 6 1-run innings for the Rays yesterday. But once again, their bullpen was unable to hold the opposition down. Toronto won 6-3. "J Peralta" not doing well in the same game as F Carmona is nothing new.
  • Shin-Soo Choo's 2nd home run of the game was also the game winner for the Reds on Tuesday.
  • I was about to write a couple sentences on Matt Harvey, but this comment does a great job summing it up:

    Matt Harvey tonight threw a 9-inning 1-hitter with 12 K’s and no walks. I’d venture to say that’s more dominating than most no hitters. Jeff Passan on Twitter said that his game score was 97 and there have only been 40 outings (of 9 innings or fewer) since 1916 with a higher game score. That’s incredible. Harvey might have better future than Strasburg or any other young pitcher in the game.
    by Buckeye Brad on May 7, 2013 | 10:59 PM
  • Toronto's JA Happ was hit in the head by a line drive and taken to the hospital on a stretcher.
  • Rough and Ready Zach McAllister pitched very well again on Tuesday. Seemingly, his best outing of the season. Francona noticed:
  • Zach isn't the only Tribe starter pitching well over this recent trend of wins: