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News and Notes May 29, 2013

The Indians aren't playing good baseball. Here's some news to distract you from this...

At least he didn't wear this jersey.
At least he didn't wear this jersey.
Christian Petersen
  • LookoutLanding analyzes LGFT Eric Wedge's quotes Re: Dustin Ackley... Very much worth a read... check out the comments too...
  • Dodgers rookie pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu pitched the finest game of his career: A complete game 2-hitter.
  • ICYMI, Tom Hamilton is involved in a controversy of sorts involving Aroldis Chapman's two pitches at Nick Swisher
  • @Even though pitching prospects are entirely useless@, the Cardinals are going to call up Michael Wacha to pitch on Thursday. Wacha will be making his debut in Cody Allen–Trevor Bauer speed.

  • The Colabello in question is apparently named Chris... and he is a 29-year old rookie who may have faced Scott Kazmir last year.