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MLB: Cleveland Indians News & Notes, May 23, 2013: Francona's Return to Boston

Terry Francona returns to Boston, Chisenhall is doing his best to be a Clipper, and Jim Bowden interviews Chris Antonetti (video)

Mr. Francona Goes to Boston
Mr. Francona Goes to Boston
Jason Miller

Action-packed four days await Terry Francona in Boston: Cleveland Indians Insider | Notes from the Cleveland paper of record.

Terry Francona discusses coming back to Boston to compete against Red Sox - The Buzz - sports news: Francona calls managing the Red Sox one of the most awesome, yet difficult jobs in baseball.

Nick Swisher becomes a dad — and he’s probably really, really, really excited | Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports: Imagining Nick Swisher in the delivery room.

Baseball: Demoted Chisenhall commits to Clippers | The Columbus Dispatch: "I’m on the Columbus Clippers now," Chisenhall said. "I’m worried about our guys and this team."

The GM's Office: Mark Of A Master - ESPN Video - ESPN: ESPN Video: Indians GM Chris Antonetti stops by the GM's Office to break down how he pulled off the deals to get Terry Francona, Michael Bourn and Nick Swisher.

Whatever happened to former Collinwood baseball standout Jerry Dybzinski? -

Rounding Third: Don't buy into the Indians | Probably too late for many of us here.

Kazmir's revival still a process in the making | News: The headline is dreadful, but it is the latest notes column..

Poking Some More at the Effects of Receiving | FanGraphs Baseball: Jeff Sullivan of fangraphs takes on pitch framing.