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Tribe News and Notes: Monday May 20 (Lead on Tigers Growing)

here's your yearly NFL photo...

No, Ryan... not THAT Matt Moore.
No, Ryan... not THAT Matt Moore.
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE
  • Matt Moore improved to 8-0 by holding the Orioles to 1 run over 7 innings. They must be wondering how good they'd be if David Price didn't stink so far this year.
  • Miguel Cabrera hit 3 homers yesterday. Lots of hyperbole came along with this. But here's what matters to us: The Tigers lost. So the Indians have a 2-game lead on the Tigers. And are thus on pace to beat the Tigers by 7 games in the division race.
  • The Rangers DL'd Ian Kinsler and called up Jurickson Profar to take his place. See, people who panicked that Texas had no room for everybody: These things sort themselves out.
  • The Twins lost their 5th straight game. Obviously, their early-season adequacy wasn't going to last.