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Thursday's News and Notes: Raburn Stats N More

Raburnmania strikes again...

Last week, I thought this guy sucked.
Last week, I thought this guy sucked.
  • Ryan Raburn had hit in 11 of 12 ABs. Now, it's just 11 of 13. Tweets:

  • Ben Francisco hit his first homer Wednesday. Not off of Sonnanstine. Though, I'm surprised Sonnanstine isn't on the 2013 Astros.
  • Terry Francona's office has one glass wall now. It previously had none.
  • The Yankees acquired infielder Chris Nelson for next to nothing. It's a shame, but this is probably a really good move. Nelson OPSed .810 just one year ago.
  • Cough*"Highest Ground-Ball Rates Among 2014 Free Agents"*Cough (definitely Nothing Wrong here)