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May 13 News and Notes: Jake Westbrook to DL

The News and Notes brand continues this Monday morning...

At least we have Kluber.
At least we have Kluber.
Jared Wickerham
  • The last time Jake Westbrook looked as good as he's been this year, it was 2008. A short while later, it was revealed that he needed Tommy John surgery. This year, Jake has a 1.62 ERA in 6 starts, but was just placed on the DL with elbow inflammation. Hopefully it isn't serious this time around.
  • In April 2012, Phil Humber threw a perfect game. In May 2013, Humber's record fell to 0-8. Yesterday he was designated for assignment. By the team with the crappiest roster in baseball.
  • The Cubs signed Anthony Rizzo to a 7-year $41M extension. It could be worth up to $73M.
  • Hisashi Iwakuma is not only really good, but has picked up his pace from 2012 more than any other pitcher in baseball.
  • Also from USS Mariner: Eric Wedge, Man of Contradictions
    Or maybe he's just not a good manager.