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MLB Final Score: Cleveland Indians 6, Philadelphia Phillies 0

Clifton Phifer Lee loses in his return to Cleveland. Trevor Bauer gets his first win with the Indians, though it was adventurous.

I wouldn't say Trevor Bauer stole the show, but he involutarily dragged it away, snagged on his pant leg.
I wouldn't say Trevor Bauer stole the show, but he involutarily dragged it away, snagged on his pant leg.

I'm starting to wonder where all this good fortune is coming from. Has it been stored in a gigantic safe in a closet somewhere? Has it been gaining interest all the time it's been on deposit?

  • Tonight we saw both the promise of Trevor Bauer and the unfinished status of Trevor Bauer. He walked six batters but only allowed one hit; the few times he got into the strikeout the outcomes were usually good. His fastball seemed to be the pitch he couldn't control; most of them were either high strikes or out of the strike zone. Still, he didn't give in, and somehow got through five innings.
  • The Indians also beat another Cy Young Award winner, and a pitcher close to all our hearts. Cliff Lee faced the Indians for the first time, and his former team did a good job taking advantage of scoring opportunities, mixing in some to good bounces and bloop hits along the way.
  • An unsung contributor to this 6-0 victory is the bullpen. The middle relief in the bullpen has been almost uniformly good; tonight Bryan Shaw, Rich Hill, Joe Smith, and Cody Allen each kept the Phillies off the board in the game that was somewhat out of reach. Although there was one situation in the seventh when a blown call placed Phillies on first and second with nobody out and the middle of the order coming, the rest of the time the bullpen made quick work of the rest of the game.
  • With the win, the Indians are within one game of .500 and 2.5 (as of 10:42 PM) of first place. Did anyone think after Game 1 on Sunday that not only would the Indians win the next four games, but win them as convincingly as they have?
  • Oh, almost forgot...Ryan [redacted] Raburn?!

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