Three Positives to take from Yankees 11, Indians 6

For a variety of reasons, this game felt like an unmitigated disaster all out of proportion to either its actual importance or its 11-6 final score-line. But that's why we're here!

  1. At the very end of this game Carlos Santana took a pitch off his thumb and it seemed like he might really be hurt, the rotten cherry on top of a melted sundae. But the X-Rays came back negative, and the diagnosis is just that the thumb is bruised. Hopefully he can get back to the team soon!

  2. Guess who pitched the best inning yesterday? The guy who's gotten shellacked as much as anybody so far this year, Cody Allen. I had been expecting good things from him this year and it sure would be nice if he could get back on track.

  3. The weather is beautiful (at least it is here in DC) and baseball is back at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario. There's going to be another 80 home games this year, and the Tribe is going to win some of them.

Tonight, Carlos Carrasco finally finishes his long road back from Tommy John surgery, making his first start since 2011.

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