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Home Opener Pre-Game Thread

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Whether you're heading to the game or watching it at home, here's everything you need to know to follow today's home opener.

Opening Day 2010
Opening Day 2010

TV Schedule:


  • Pregame Special, 1-3 PM (Stream live at link)
  • Indians Live, 3-4 PM
  • Indians vs Yankees, 4-7PM

SportsTime Ohio:

  • All Bets Are Off 1-3 PM
  • Indians Live 3-4 PM
  • Indians vs Yankees 4-7 PM

Radio Schedule:


At Progressive Field:

2:00 PM: Gates Open

3:25 PM: Pre-game festivities begin.

  • Welcome video
  • History of Progressive Field
  • Game preview, team introductions
  • History of Indians broadcasters video
  • History of uniforms video
  • Colors presented by US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard
  • Star Spangled Banner (performed by The GeezCats)
  • Fathers and Sons Traditions Video
  • First Pitches: Steve/Nick Swisher, Mickey/Michael Brantley, Steve/Zach McAllister, Sandy Alomar Sr/Sandy Alomar Jr, Tito/Terry Francona

4:05 PM: First Pitch. Indians destroy the Jackasses (my addition)