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Sunday Extravaganza: First punch edition

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After the Indians 2-0, the mood here could be generalized as euphoric. But the last three games have brought us back to earth; as brought up on Friday, we have taken that first punch of the season.

Kevork Djansezian

Yesterday's Game

Cleveland Indians at Tampa Bay Rays - April 6, 2013 | CLE Recap

Cleveland Indians shut out again; Trevor Bauer walks 7 in debut |

Bauer's Control Problems, Blown Calls Cost Tribe in 6-0 Loss to Rays — Wahoo's on First

MLB Scores: Rays 6, Indians 0 - Let's Go Tribe

Chapter 5: Bauer outrage - Let's Go Tribe

I don't have a anything more to say about the game itself that wasn't in the recaps.

However, there were some events that happened during the game that deserves more covering:

Maddon unhappy about Longoria plunking | News

When the plunking happened, I racked my (admittedly bad) memory, but couldn't come up with a reason why Allen would try to hit Longoria; I don't think there had been any incident between those two players that would cause retaliation. Rays manager Joe Maddon didn't think so either, so he drew the conclusion that someone put him up to it:

"I was actually cleaning my glasses at the time, so I didn't see it first-hand," Maddon said. "So then I heard about it, and it's pretty much a consensus opinion that he did it intentionally. However, I'll say one thing, unequivocally, I know it did not come from Tito [Terry Francona]. He would not do that."

OK. So what was the past incident between Tampa Bay and Cleveland that cause someone else to ask Allen to throw at Longoria? Keep in mind that this is an almost completely new roster, with only 9 players returning from last year's Opening Day roster. Again, I can't come up with one. Maybe someone took umbrage at Desmond Jennings running over Lou Marson, but (1) I thought it was a clean play, as Marson was blocking the plate and (2) why not then plunk Jennings?

Marson pulled from game after collision with Jennings | News

Speaking of last night's home plate collision, Marson left not because of a concussion, but because his neck was sore. Maybe Marson will sit out the next few games, or maybe it will be a DL stint. The schedule will probably have some effect on that decision, as resting Marson for the next 4-5 days will mean that Carlos Santana will have caught all but four innings of the first 10 games of the season, with no off days. So I think that unless Marson is cleared to play within the next couple of days, we'll be seeing Yan Gomes in Cleveland.

Terry Pluto Cleveland Indians Blog: Thinking about Trevor Bauer and his battle for control |

Pluto makes the point that although Bauer's struggles were a big story last night, an even bigger story should be the bats. Tampa Bay will probably once again have the best pitching staff in the American League this season, but it's folly to proclaim that the opposing pitching is the sole reason why the Indians have gone scoreless the first two games of the series.

AL Central News

Predictability may still be a problem for Jose Quintana - South Side Sox

Jim looks at Jose Quintana's first start (in which he allowed 5 runs in 4 innings).

Quick thoughts: Top of Tigers' order destroys Evil Empire in 8-4 win - Bless You Boys

A look at the team the Indians will be facing in their home opener. Yes, Travis Hafner is batting cleanup for the Jackasses. Also there are ruminations on Joba Chamberlain's facial hair.

Shifting the Royals - Royals Review

A visual view of how the Royals defense shifts against certain hitters.

Luke Hughes Joins Australian Rules Football League, Takes Most Australian Photo Ever - Twinkie Town

Ever wonder what happened to Luke Hughes? This will answer all your questions.

Other MLB News

Chicago Cubs, city of Chicago close to Wrigley Field renovation deal, according to report - ESPN Chicago

Rooftop Owners Whine Again About Wrigley Rehab - Bleed Cubbie Blue

The Cubs and the city of Chicago have been going back and forth on the subject the future of Wrigley Field. Now it appears that the team will renovate Wrigley (rather than build a new stadium) with a couple of concessions from the city, neither of which involves any money being paid by the taxpayers. However, one of those concessions (a new video scoreboard in left field) has the owners of the rooftop seats across the street from Wrigley up in arms, as that would take away their revenue.

Today's Classic Clip

One of the movies mentioned by Jason in yesterday's Six Packk was Notorious, starring Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman and directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Grant, who plays a government agent, recruits Bergman to go with him to South America to help expose a Nazi organization by getting romantically involved with its leader (played by Claude Rains). Along the way Grant and Bergman fall in love, and this scene takes place after Grant has observed Bergman (in his mind) going beyond acting with Rains. In this scene Bergman tries to convince both men that she doesn't love the other.