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MLB Final Score: Indians 14, Phillies 2 - Indians hit seven home runs, break home franchise record

If you thought the Tribe's hot streak would be stopped by Roy Halladay, you'd be wrong.

Michael Brantley, hitting yet another home run.
Michael Brantley, hitting yet another home run.
Jason Miller

April 30, 2013

Indians 14, Phillies 2

Game 24: Home run derby

The (good) craziness continued tonight, with another combination of excellent pitching and ridiculous offense.

  • 1st Home Run: Carlos Santana (Roy Halladay). Santana is right now either the best hitter or second-best hitter in the AL, depending on which statistic you cite, and tonight's performance isn't going to hurt him. He ended his evening going 1-2 with three walks.
  • 2nd Home Run: Mark Reynolds (Roy Halladay). That home run put Reynolds in second place in the AL with eight dingers. He'd finish the evening with a 2-for-4 line.
  • 3rd Home Run: Lonnie Chisenhall (Roy Halladay). Chisenhall's only hit on the night. Boooo.
  • 4th Home Run: Ryan Raburn (LGFT Chad Durbin). The first of two on the night, and third of four in the last two games.
  • 5th Home Run: Michael Brantley (Chad Dubrin). Brantley's first homer of the season, but it was torched.
  • 6th Home Run: Ryan Raburn (Raul Valdes). Second of two on the night, the fourth of four in the last two games. Last season, Raburn had one major-league home run (he had five total between Detroit and Toledo).
  • 7th Home Run: Drew Stubbs (Raul Valdes). Stubbs had been slumping badly even while his teammates had been hitting, but tonight he joined the hit parade, going 3-for-4 and hitting one out.
  • The seven home runs set a franchise record for home runs at home, and was one shy of tying an overall franchise record for home runs in a game.
  • Zach McAllister meanwhile went seven strong innings. More on his outing in the morning.
  • The only downer to this game was the attendance, which just topped the 10,000 mark on a beautiful spring day (temperatures in the mid-70s, 0% chance of rain).

I'll just add the second portion here...

The other part of the equation to this great evening was Zach McAllister. With the Indians scoring 14 runs, just about any type of performance would have been adequate, but McAllister did much better than just adequate. He went seven easy innings, allowing just five hits and a walk. He allowed two solo homes (one to Delmon Young, the other to Chase Utley), but otherwise wasn't in much trouble the entire evening. His strike-throwing wasn't exception, just merely good (70 strikes in 106 total pitches thrown), but the Phillies' hitters weren't that patient especially given the early deficit.

I suppose we're deep enough into the season to take a look at what Zach has done in 2013. Here's his relevant season stats:

30.0 3.30 4.57 8.1 7.2 2.7

The hit/strikeout/walk ratios are all where you'd want them, but he is getting a fortunate BABIP (.258), so the ERA looks better than it probably should, though that's a sign of a good defense behind him; the Indians rank 5th in baseball in defensive efficiency. But this isn't Josh Tomlin getting by with command only; McAllister has legitimate stuff, and he's still learning on the job.

    Source: FanGraphs

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