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Wed 4/3 News and Notes

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The 2013 Indians have the best winning % in MLB.

Get that ball over here quicker, bro. (bro cropped out)
Get that ball over here quicker, bro. (bro cropped out)
  • Yu Darvish had a perfect game with 2 outs in the 9th. It was broken up with a single through his legs. It would have been the first perfect game by a Japanese pitcher.
  • I'm way late on this, but Jason Donald was DFA'd by the Reds. I'd welcome him back in a heartbeat on a minor league contract.
  • Embedding isn't available yet, so here's a link to various plays from yesterday's W.
  • "San Francisco piled up 10 hits against Hyun-Jin Ryu in his major league debut, and the Giants won 3-0 Tuesday night at Dodger Stadium."
  • Tony Sipp pitched for the D-Backs last night. He threw 1 pitch.
  • I'm still kinda bummed that we didn't make a serious run at Hisashi Iwakuma at the 2012 trade deadline or during the 2013 offseason. Iwakuma, who sat unused in Eric Wedge's bullpen for the first 14 games of his MLB career, pitched six 2-hit innings last night. Wedge using him 5 times in the Mariners first 54 games was straight out of his Craig Breslow playbook.