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Cleveland Indians Sunday News and Notes:

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Dropped third strikes, day-night doubleheaders, and Grady Sizemore.

Grady Sizemore
Grady Sizemore
Jamie Sabau

Yesterday's Game

Cleveland Indians at Kansas City Royals - April 27, 2013 | CLE Recap

Scott Kazmir pitches well but Cleveland Indians lose to Kansas City, 3-2 |

Royals Edge Indians 3-2 - Wahoo's on First - A Cleveland Indians Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

It was a frustrating game, because even though the Indians lost the starting pitcher matchup, they still could have pulled it out. I think what put me over the edge was the five pitcher, three walk seventh inning. Terry Francona was Hargrovean in his matchup strategy in the seventh inning, and it really backfired. He should have left Hagadone in to face Escobar; the Royals shortstop has improved his offensive game, but not the extent where you make a pitching change.

After the game, you saw one of Terry Francona's strengths in action. When asked about Kipnis not running out the third strike in the ninth inning, he covered for him (Hoynes):

"I don't think he even knew," Francona said. " 'Kip' is such a hardnosed kid that if he saw it, he would have taken off. I think he was frustrated with his swing and didn't even realize it. When he did, it was too late."

It turned out that Kipnis owned up to the mistake on Twitter later, so any controversy was squashed early.

Other Indians News

Grady Sizemore continues to rehab after surgery: Cleveland Indians Chatter |

There's nothing I'd like more than to see Grady Sizemore back in the majors, no who it's with, but the odds are against him. A second microfracture surgery after knee and back surgeries the year before, and it's now been four seasons since he's had more than 150 plate appearances in a major-league season. If he can come from all this to even play in 100 major-league games, he should get the Comeback Player of the Decade award.

Cleveland Indians have yet to decide who 26th man will be; Corey Kluber gets nod for Sunday's nightcap vs. KC -

Because today is a doubleheader, the Indians can add a 26th man to their roster. Normally that 26th man is a starting pitcher, but because of the rain out on Friday, they have that covered. And normally if not a starter, then a team will call up a relief pitcher. But again, with all the off days this week and another off day this coming Thursday, they should be covered with an eight-man bullpen. So maybe they call up a position player (Yan Gomes? Cord Phelps?) to play in one of the games.

Francona comfortable with current batting order

Thus far no sign from Francona that he's going to move Kipnis and/or Cabrera down in the order.

Today's second game starts at 8:00 PM, which falls under ESPN's exclusive Sunday Night Baseball window, so STO will not broadcasting it. Witham hints that the game will be available online, so stay tuned.

I was surprised during last night's game to hear that Kauffman Stadium has never hosted a day-night doubleheader.

AL Central News

Lorenzo Cain at the plate - Royals Review

A look at Lorenzo Cain's swing.

Whom should you blame if the Tigers lose? - Bless You Boys

I wouldn't blame anybody, if it was me. But perhaps you might if you're a Tigers fan.

Gavin Floyd leaves game with flexor muscle strain in right elbow - South Side Sox

Another injury to a White Sox starter.

A. J. Pierzynski Talks About His Favorite Things to Aggravate in Minnesota - Twinkie Town


Other MLB News

Baseball’s Talent Finders Honored at New Museum Exhibit 'Diamond Mines' | Baseball Hall of Fame

Included in the article was this note:

Through Diamond Mines, Museum visitors will be able to enter the name of a big league player and search for scouting reports filed on them throughout the years. More than 14,000 scouting reports covering 441 scouts and 4,444 players – 45 percent of all big leaguers who played between 1943 and 2006 – will be available through an internet database at

That is awesome, and should be a great resource for researchers.

Today's Classic Clip: Sweet Smell of Success (1957)

This 1950s classic details the interaction of J.J. Hunsicker (played by Burt Lancaster), a powerful New York City columnist, and press agent Sidney Falco (Tony Curtis). To say Hunsicker is cynical is an understatement, and that cynicism shines in this taut scene with a US Senator. Fantastic writing, and fantastic acting.