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MLB Final Score: Kansas City Royals 3, Cleveland Indians 2

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Kazmir only goes five, but this was still a game the Indians could have won.

Terry Francona, nonplussed.
Terry Francona, nonplussed.
Jamie Squire

This was frustrating.

  • There were vast stretches of this game in which the Indians weren't doing anything at the plate. And then the few times they had opportunities before the ninth, they failed to cash in. Brantley's two-out triple in the ninth could have meant a whole lot more had the Indians gotten the runner home from third in the eighth, or not walked in a run in the seventh.
  • Scott Kazmir looked better tonight, but he, like the rest of the rotation* need to start going deeper into games, or the bullpen will be gassed in July and August.
  • It's hard to know whether it was Ervin Santana/Royals bullpen or the long layoff, but there were a lot of really bad swings.
  • The only real excitement in this game came at the very end, when Michael Brantley hit a triple to plate the first (and only) two runs of the evening. But then Jason Kipnis struck out on a pitch way out of the strike zone to end the game.
  • Michael Bourn is probably a week away from coming back, but I think it might make sense to move Kipnis down in the order for the time being; you could go with Brantley/Cabrera/Santana as the top three.

*Excepting Masterson, of course.

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