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MLB: Cleveland Indians News & Notes, April 25, 2013

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Fauxberto re-invented, Kipnis still believes (even if you don't) and an emergency drill at Progressive Field

Kipnis can still throw. When he starts hitting is anyone's guess
Kipnis can still throw. When he starts hitting is anyone's guess

Tribe News:

Cleveland Indians fall to White Sox to end 3-game winning streak | Recap of yesterday's game in the Cleveland paper of record.

Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona impressed by Jose Quintana -- Indians Chatter | Notes from Hoynsie

Cleveland Indian Jason Kipnis believes he will start hitting -- Indians Insider | It's good that Kipnis believes, because, frankly, I'm starting to doubt.

Anthony Castrovince: | News: The Indians partnered with the city of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County and various emergency response agencies on Tuesday to stage a full-scale emergency exercise, in which a bombing and a hostage situation were staged.

From around the league:

Posnanski: Ankiel a rare player reinvented - Joe Posnanski- NBC Sports: Posnanski: There is no story in baseball history quite like Ankiel’s — a spectacular young pitcher who one day lost his equilibrium trying to make it as a hitter.

20,000 days since Frank Robinson’s big clutch day: Some interesting milestones, one of which impacted yesterday's starting pitcher.

How did Pee Wee Reese's support of '42' play out? | : Dave Kindred Article: In the movie '42,' a key scene involves Pee Wee Reese putting his arm around Jackie Robinson in a show of support on the field in Cincinnati. The only problem is ... that may not have happened. The truth is just as moving, if maybe too subtle for Hollywood.

Roberto Hernandez is Not Fausto Carmona | FanGraphs Baseball: Analysis of Fauxberto's reinvention with the Rays.