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LGT Rainout Open MLB Thread - April 23, 2013

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The Indians aren't playing, but there's lots of other games happening tonight.

James Shields and Wade Davis.
James Shields and Wade Davis.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight's Schedule:

  • Oakland vs. Boston, 6:35 PM (Colon vs Aceves)
  • Atlanta vs. Colorado, ~6:45 PM (Teheran vs Garland)
  • Kansas City vs. Detroit, 7:05 PM (Davis vs. Scherzer)
  • St. Louis vs. Washington, 7:05 PM (Wainwright vs. Detwiler)
  • Toronto vs. Baltimore, 7:05 PM (Dickey vs. Gonzalez)
  • New York (AL) vs. Tampa Bay, 7:10 PM (Hughes vs. Price)
  • Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia, 7:05 PM (Locke vs. Hamels)
  • Chicago (NL) vs. Cincinnati, 7:10 PM (Villanueva vs. Cingrani)
  • Seattle vs. Houston, 8:10 PM (Iwakuma vs. Norris)
  • Los Angeles (NL) vs. New York (NL), 7:10 PM (Kershaw vs. Niese)
  • Milwaukee vs. San Diego, 10:10 PM (Gallardo vs. Richard)
  • Texas vs. Los Angeles (AL), 10:05 PM (Ogando vs. Vargas)
  • Arizona vs. San Francisco, 10:15 PM (Corbin vs. Cain)

Also, here's the Indians' minor-league affiliates playing tonight:

  • Columbus vs. Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (Matsuzaka vs. Betances)
  • Akron vs. Trenton (Espino vs. Tracy)
  • Carolina vs. Potomac (Lee vs. Cole)

This is the first evening I've had to really use MLB.TV since Opening Day - either the Indians were playing, or I had other things to do.

The matchup that sticks out to me is Kansas City-Detroit, both for the division implications and the pitching matchup. Plus, with the Indians traveling to Kansas City next, it's a nice opportunity to scout out the competition. David Price and Clayton Kershaw are also in action, so that probably merits a look-in. Plus there's LGFT Bartolo Colon pitching against the Sawx.

What game are you interested in? And speaking of Kansas City, would you revise your opinion on the big Myers-Shields/Davis deal this winter based on what Davis and Shields have done thus far?

Use this as a general MLB thread or talk about something completely different.