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Cleveland Indians News and Notes - Rick Ankiel's strikeouts, Aaron Laffey is DFAd, Carlos Santana's OPS

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a little differently today...

offense is alive
offense is alive
  • Hammy said on the radio yesterday that Mark Reynolds was not given first base following a Saturday HBP because "he didn't act like he got hit". That's apparently what the home plate umpire told Reynolds. It worked out for the Indians though—Reynolds homered later in the AB.
  • Rick Ankiel struck out 3 more times in the 3-game series vs Cleveland... bringing his season total to 23 in 35 ABs.
  • Aaron Laffey was DFA'd by the Mets. Would happily take on a MiLB deal.

  • Nieve last pitched in the majors in 2010, with the Mets. Things might have been a little warm for him in Houston.
  • Carlos Santana is 2nd in the AL in OPS. Mark Reynolds is 5th. Nick Swisher is 21st. Mathematically, each team should have 1.4 guys in the top 21. Go offense! #Cherrypicking
  • Less excitingly, Proon is 4th.
  • More excitingly, we have 3 guys ahead of OMG WHY DIDINT YU SIGN HIM Willingham.
  • A bunch of you probably saw this already, but it was new to me and good enough to share:
    Indians Baseball Insider – Waving goodbye to Ubaldo Jimenez at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario?