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Sunday Cleveland Indians News and Notes: April 21, 2013

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Nothing gets your spirits up like an old-fashioned 19-6 victory.

Bob Levey

Yesterday's Game:

Game 16: Cleveland Indians 19, Houston Astros 6: The offense explodes - Let's Go Tribe

Cleveland Indians at Houston Astros - April 20, 2013 | CLE Recap

Cleveland Indians use 19 runs and 22 hits to end five-game losing streak |

Tribe Bats Come to Life in 19-6 Rout - Wahoo's on First - A Cleveland Indians Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

That felt good, didn't? Even though Scott Kazmir's debut was a short one, scoring 19 runs covers a number of flaws.

Indians News

Cleveland Indians All-Star shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera bruises left wrist falling down the dugout steps -

Asdrubal didn't break any bones in the fall, so he's day-to-day. tr1betime had the perfect response to this news:

God this is such a Cleveland injury

by tr1betime on Apr 21, 2013 | 3:44 AM reply rec (3) flag actions

Myers to get arm checked out in Cleveland | News

A more concerning injury is Brett Myers' forearm. He's come back to Cleveland to get an MRI, and usually that means at minimum a DL stint. Myers hasn't exactly been an ace, but losing a starting pitcher to a potentially serious injury like this one is never a good thing, especially when there's several other major question marks in this rotation.

The two logical replacements for Brett Myers in the rotation are Corey Kluber and Trevor Bauer. Carlos Carrasco would be an option, but he has an eight-game suspension to serve before he can even return to major-league games. Daisuke Matsuzaka is also out there, but he'd have to be added to the 40-man roster, and then there's his lackluster numbers in AAA. I'm betting that the Indians have Kluber join the rotation; he threw four innings last night, so he's on schedule to make Myers' next scheduled start next Friday. Bauer has the much higher upside, but I think they'd rather he spend another month or so in AAA to work on some things.

Five Questions ... with Cleveland Indians outfielder Michael Bourn |

As the title says, Paul Hoynes asks Michael Bourn some questions, including one about sliding headfirst into first base.

AL Central News

Angels 10, Tigers 0: Rick Porcello's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day - Bless You Boys

Phillip Humber wasn't the only pitcher to have a really, really bad first inning. However, Porcello's outing was much different in one major respect; most of the Angels hits were of the rather cheap variety. He did end up giving up a grand slam in the inning, but most of the hits prior to that were of the weakly-hit variety.

Dayan Viciedo to the DL; Blake Tekotte recalled - South Side Sox

When the Indians play the White Sox this week, Dayan Viciedo won't be the lineup. Blake Tekotte (who was called up to take Viciedo's place), Jordan Danks, and DeWayne are the players who will likely see playing time in Viciedo's absence.

Kansas City Royals pitchers and home runs - Royals Review

The Indians' staff (well, mostly Brett Myers) isn't the only one giving up lots of home runs.

Off-Day Speculation: What Could the Twins Roster Look Like In 2015? - Twinkie Town

Forecasting the 2015 Twins.

Other MLB News

Astros History: Kenny Lofton - "One Man's Trash..." - The Crawfish Boxes

The other side of the Kenny Lofton trade from SBN's Astros blog (which in my opinion is one of the best baseball blogs in the network).

Today's Classic Clip: City Lights (1931)

This silent classic was released four years after the introduction of talkies, but that didn't prevent it from becoming a popular and critical success. Chaplin was at this time still the biggest movie star in the world, and he had complete creative control over his movies. City Lights took almost two years to film because Chaplin was a perfectionist, often shooting a scene many many times until he thought it perfect.

In this movie, Chaplin again plays his Little Tramp character; he befriends a blind flower girl, and tries to earn enough money to for a doctor to perform surgery on her eyes. There's lots of comedy here, though; Chaplin meets a druken millionaire who is generous when soused and a miser when sober, finds himself in a boxing, and many other adventures. He finally scrapes up the money for the girl's surgery, but just after he delivers it, he's arrested for allegedly stealing the money.

This is the end of the movie; the girl has had the surgery, and the Tramp has just been released from prison, even more ragged than before.