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Kazmir tweaks his ab, may need to go on DL; Hagadone optioned to AAA just in case

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You know how I said that the Indians were injury-free going into the regular season. Go ahead and blame me for this one.

Sorry, no non-creepy pictures of Kazmir in an Indians uniform were available.
Sorry, no non-creepy pictures of Kazmir in an Indians uniform were available.
Mike Stobe

From Twitter:

The Indians don't know for sure whether Kazmir will need to go onto the DL, but they've made a roster move just in case they have to DL him:

This allows the Indians to back-date Kazmir's DL stint to today if he does need to miss Saturday's start; had they waited until later to add him to the 25-man roster, his DL "clock" would have started when he was placed on the 25-man roster. But that flexibility with Kazmir comes at the cost of having Nick Hagadone in the bullpen. They still have 13 pitchers on the 25-man roster, but one (Carrasco) is serving a suspension and another (Kazmir) may not be able to pitch.

If Kazmir misses Saturday's start, there's really only two candidates on the 40-man roster to take his place: Trevor Bauer and Corey Kluber. I would lean more towards Kluber making the spot start(s), but that of course depends on how much time Kazmir is slated to miss.

Kazmir will have a bullpen session tomorrow, and if all goes well there, then all of this speculation is moot. And if he is healthy, then the Indians optioned Hagadone to AAA for nothing. But if they didn't do all these roster precautions, they would potentially lost out on a Kazmir start, so that's probably worth losing four games of having eight pitchers in the bullpen.