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Editable Comments are here!

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Have you ever made a spelling error or grammatical error that you wanted to correct as soon as you pressed the 'Post' button? Now you can.

Victoria Azarenka (for Chuck's benefit)
Victoria Azarenka (for Chuck's benefit)
Vince Caligiuri

If you're like me, usually at least once a day you're replying to your own comment with a correction, whether it be spelling, or something else. Now you have a mulligan thanks to an update to the commenting code that went live just now.

Here's how it works:

Once this update is released..., when you post a comment you will then have 90 seconds to edit that comment. You'll see a countdown timer and a progress bar that scrolls from right to left indicating how much time you have left on the edit. Editing the comment does not reset the timer, but you can edit multiple times in the 90 second window. This behavior has been live on both of Vox Media's other verticals, The Verge and Polygon for the past few months and it's been very successful and users have embraced it.

In addition, there's this cool new feature:

In addition to adding comment editing, this release would also enable a new system for collapsing comments. Collapsing a top level comment collapses all of its replies (something that is currently happening now), but the collapsed replies will no longer be shown as titles only. They will now be completely hidden beneath the parent comment (which will show as collapsed comments do today). This allows users to hide sub-threads they're not interested in and skip further down the page without scrolling. Additionally, comments will no longer need titles to be collapsed. Any comment can be collapsed. This cuts down on folks having trouble collapsing large images or GIFs because the poster forgot a title. Users will also have the option to set how they want comments to load by default.

(emphasis mine) Yes, we, the special no-subject line blogs, can collapse comments as well.

So feel free to test these new features below, ask questions, etc.

These changes are available for mobile users as well:

Both of these new functions will work on mobile as well when we go live. In addition to the previously released mobile touch controls for comment navigation, this makes mobile functionality really robust on SB Nation.