Three Positives to take from Red Sox 7, Indians 2

Look, I can't explain much of what goes on with this team, or what's going on in the stands (Under 10,000 last night... serious question from someone who now lives elsewhere, is there now something else to do at night in Cleveland other than go to Tribe games? Because for my entire childhood there definitely was not), but what I can tell you is that last night may not have been nearly as depressing as you think it was. Let's take a look.

1) The Red Sox did not win last night because of their toughness in the face of adversity, they won because Ubaldo Jimenez imploded. But I have a feeling that if there's one game this year I can find an emotional silver lining in an Indians loss, it's this one. When when I was a little kid and my team lost, my mother would tell me that "some other little boy will be happy tonight." Hopefully that's the case after this game. It may sound cheesy and/or dumb, but it's what I've got.

2) With the exception of that no good, very bad 2nd Inning, the Indians actually won this game 2-0. Really I think you can make the argument that the entire difference in the game came when that ball ticked off Asdrubal Cabrera's glove and trickled into center field. So much closer than the game ended up feeling.

3) The bullpen was great and held a decent, motivated Red Sox lineup scoreless over the final 2/3 of this game without using any of the three top guys. Yes, it may suffer from the overuse, but if there was one game we could afford this it was this one. The 'pen was under-used coming in, and there are off-days both before and after this three-game set.

So take 'em or leave 'em, those are my positives. Tonight's Aceves/Masterson match-up looks, much, much better.

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