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Tribe Sunday Morning News and Notes: April 14, 2013

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Thoughts on the Tribe rotation and bench, the interpretation of plunkings, the latest Twins promotion, and much, much more.

Yesterday Sale was warned, not ejected, after he hit Michael Brantley.
Yesterday Sale was warned, not ejected, after he hit Michael Brantley.

Yesterday's Game

Cleveland Indians 9, Chicago White Sox 4 Recap: There is another... - Let's Go Tribe

Nick Swisher, Mark Reynolds power Cleveland Indians to 9-4 win over Chicago |

Chicago White Sox at Cleveland Indians - April 13, 2013 | CLE Recap

Masterson's Gem Leads Indians Over White Sox 1-0 - Wahoo's on First - A Cleveland Indians Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

I'm feeling a little better about the rotation after yesterday's performance by McAllister. Of course, I'll probably feel a lot worse after today's game, as Brett Myers is pitching....

Chris Sale gets off lightly compared to Carlos Carrasco: Cleveland Indians Insider |

Sale: "Had No Intentions" Of Hitting Brantley Following Grand Slam | WaitingForNextYear

In Defense of Carlos Carrasco — Wahoo's on First

One of the main stories of the week was Carlos Carrasco's 8-game suspension for hitting Kevin Youkilis on Wednesday following a home run. Well, yesterday almost the exact same circumstances happened: Chris Sale plunked Michael Brantley after Mark Reynolds' grand slam. As I said in this morning's recap, it will very interesting to see what action, if any, MLB will take regarding yesterday's incident.

I think Ed Hickox (yesterday's home plate umpire) did the worst thing possible (warning both benches); it ended any possibility of the Indians responding that game, which might drag this over into future games. If he had done nothing, and allowed McAllister to plunk a White Sox player, that would have ended things without any further repercussions. If he had thrown Sale out then and there, again, then that would removed any reason for retaliation, as MLB (through the home plate umpire) would have handed out the punishment. With one game and five series still remaining between these two teams, there will be plenty of opportunities for the Indians to retaliate if they feel like it.

Other Indians News

Kipnis day to day with left elbow soreness | News

Mike Aviles, Ryan Raburn plug gaps in lineup: Cleveland Indians chatter |

Aviles and Raburn are both major upgrades over what the Indians had on the bench a year ago. Jose Lopez, who couldn't play shortstop and was a liability at second, was the club's sole backup infielder through much of the first half last year, so Asdrubal Cabrera and Jason Kipnis played pretty much every day. Now, if Kipnis or Cabrera need a day off or face an unfavorable matchup, Terry Francona has two good bench options to go to.

Kipnis' elbow supposedly is only going to be a one-day thing, though Kipnis didn't know how he injured it:

"He doesn't even know when he did it," said Indians skipper Terry Francona. "He thought the last time he might have slept on it wrong, because it didn't hurt last night and it was a little tender this morning."

Speaking of sore body parts...

Santana held out with pain in left thumb | News

Like with Kipnis, the Indians had a capable backup in Yan Gomes on hand, so there wasn't much of a dropoff. Gomes will eventually go back to Columbus so he can play every day, but it's nice to know that if Santana would have to go on the DL, they have a nice option in AAA to go to.

The DiaTribe: Looking at the Rotation on a Lazy Sunday

Al looks at the uneven (to say the least) performance of the Tribe rotation.

AL Central News

Is Victor Martinez's slow start due to bad luck, bad hitting, or both? - Bless You Boys

The Tigers have enough hot hitters, thank you very much.

Years later, Carlos Quentin takes matters into his own hands - South Side Sox

Another angle to the Quentin-Greinke brawl. The genesis to last Thursday's brawl came in 2009, when Greinke not only hit Quentin, but threw a ball over his head in a previous at-bat. The White Sox didn't retaliate, and Quentin didn't forget it. So four years later, when he was hit again by Greinke, Quentin decided to take things into his own hands.

Kauffman Stadium turns 40 - Royals Review

One of the nicest stadiums in baseball turns 40 years old.

Twins Announce New $15 "All You Can Yell" Promotion - Twinkie Town

Not really, but it's a great send-up of the Twins' short-lived $15 fee to watch BP.

Other MLB News

In world of sports, a slew of taxes just part of the game - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

With the income tax deadline tomorrow, a look at the tax implications of being a pro athlete.

Baseball's Best Story now in theatres - Baseball Nation

Complete SBN coverage of 42: The Jackie Robinson Story. Also, in case you missed it, here's Steven Goldman's column on Branch Rickey.

Today's Classic Clip

Yesterday's Six Pack had a discussion on baseball movies, and the The Sandlot (1993) came up. Here's one my favorite scenes from this underrated gem: