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Carlos Carrasco suspended eight games, fined

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Major League Baseball has suspended Carlos Carrasco eight games for hitting Kevin Youkilis with a pitch.


Carrasco was also fined $3,000. He will appeal the decision.

I'm not surprised that Carrasco was suspended, nor at the length of the suspension. Although Carrasco has maintained that he did not throw at Youkilis, the timing of the incident (the pitch after a two-run homer) plus a previous incident (throwing at Billy Butler following a grand slam in 2011) didn't give Carrasco much of a leg to stand on. Although Carrasco's behavior following the pitch didn't seem like that of a pitcher trying to go after somebody (in contract with how he reacted after the Butler incident), I think it was a fairly clear-cut case for MLB. It's unfortunate for Carrasco that he no longer has the benefit of the doubt, but he can't undo history. He needs to pitch well in Columbus, and after he serves his suspension in Cleveland (assuming it's upheld on appeal), he needs to pitch well in Cleveland without getting frustrat

The suspension will not hurt the Indians right away. Carrasco was optioned to Columbus after his start, and with Scott Kazmir scheduled to come off the DL soon, they won't need another starter for a while. But because of the suspension, the Indians don't have the option of calling on Carrasco should they need a starter in a pinch, and if they want to use him, they have to bring him up to Cleveland and go a man short either in the bullpen or the bench so that they can maintain a five-pitcher rotation while the suspension is being served.

The Indians have also made a series of unrelated transactions. The post detailing those moves is forthcoming.