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Indians juggle rotation, Dodgers-Padres brawl, Harang dealt to Seattle (News and Notes)

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This feels like the offseason; there's been no games for two straight days, so not much Indians baseball to talk about. But there is other baseball to talk about.


Last night's (non) game

Second straight Indians-Yankees game postponed by rain |

For second straight night, Yanks-Tribe a wash | News

Now the Yankees and Indians have to make up two games, but because the Yankees do not come back to Cleveland this year, they'll have to drop by on two common off days, or play a doubleheader on a common off day. I think the latter will be the easier one to pull off logistically, especially because clubs can now call up an additional starter to their roster for a scheduled doubleheader.

The first common off day that makes sense for both clubs is May 13th; the Indians would be between trips to Detroit and Philadelphia, while the Yankees would be between a series in Kansas City and a home series against Seattle. In both cases Cleveland is on the way.

The other news from last night was the re-ordering of the rotation. With the two straight off days, the Indians have a lot of flexibility with their starters, though with that comes with pitchers having almost too much rest. Here's the latest schedule:

  • Friday (Chicago) - Justin Masterson
  • Saturday (Chicago) - Zach McAllister
  • Sunday (Chicago) - Brett Myers
  • Monday - Off Day
  • Tuesday - Ubaldo Jimenez (Boston)

Now Corey Kluber is still on the roster, but by the time his spot would come by again Scott Kazmir would be eligible to come off the DL. The Indians might just option him down now and get him back in the Columbus bullpen, or maybe they stick him in the bullpen if they need long relief.

Then there's the catcher situation. Manager Terry Francona was not going to use Carlos Santana last night, but perhaps by tonight he'll feel that he's ready to play. That would likely mean that Yan Gomes, who the Indians want playing every day, goes back to Columbus, with Omir Santos serving as the backup until Lou Marson comes off the DL.

In either case Jason Giambi would be the logical player to take the place of Kluber or Gomes on the roster. He's been waiting patiently on the DL since the week before Opening Day with a "back injury." I'm going to guess Kluber gets optioned today, with Giambi being activated from the DL today, and when Santana is deemed ready to play, Gomes gets optioned with perhaps a reliever (Nick Hagadone probably) coming up. And when Kazmir is eligible to come off the DL, one of the relievers with options would be sent down (Allen, Shaw, Hagadone).

Other MLB News

Dodgers-Padres brawl: Zack Greinke leaves game after collision with Carlos Quentin - True Blue LA

I'll let Vin Scully describe what happened last night:

Unfortunately for the Dodgers Zack Greinke suffered a broken collar bone when he tried to tackle the charging Quentin; if anything, that injury will make retaliation almost certain, especially since the two clubs meet again next week.

Rosenthal: Mariners to Acquire Aaron Harang from Rockies - Lookout Landing

Rockies to Trade Aaron Harang to Mariners - Purple Row

Just this week the Rockies dumped catcher Ramon Hernandez by trading him to the Dodgers for Harang. The Rockies had no interest in keeping the starting pitcher, so yesterday they traded him to Seattle for a non-prospect minor-league reliever. Harang is making $7M this season with a $7M mutual option in 2014.