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Season Underway News and Notes

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Justin Maxwell tripled twice yesterday...

Still terrible. #SSS
Still terrible. #SSS
  • With JJ Watt's 85 MPH pitch, the season was underway. The Astros beat the Rangers 8-2. Rick Ankiel hit a 3-run homer off of LGFT Derek Lowe. Erik Bedard pitched well in relief. (More on them below)
  • Alex White might need Tommy John surgery. He was the first Indians prospect I followed from the day he was drafted (Pomeranz was the 2nd). So I don't like this news. (Or the Ubaldo trade. Yet.)
  • How's that curious chain of offseason moves working out for you, Arizona?
  • As expected, Ryan Raburn was promoted to the Indians roster, David Huff was DFA'd and Frank Herrmann was DL'd. And...
  • As was reported in the prior days, Tyler Colvin was sent to the minors by Colorado. If Antonetti didn't already obtain Swisher, Stubbs and Bourn, I'd say we should be all over this one.
  • LGFT!!
  • Rick Ankiel and Erik Bedard made the Astros roster. I wanted to link to Ankiel's throws vs Colorado in 2008, but all links to's video of it are now broken.
  • The 2013 Indians MILB rosters are here.
  • And...