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It is Ryan who is the Hack.

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This glass-house establishment should not be throwing stones.

When I accepted this offer to write about base ball here, I made the mistake of not checking this place's credentials thoroughly. I should have known that the method of entering copy yourself was a hallmark of a disreputable place; but this short remark by the editor know only as "Ryan" removed the scales from my eyes.

This remark is from news service known as Twitter. Ryan encouraged me to subscribe to it, though it has a peculiar method of publishing; it only publishes stories of a few sentences. But because friends like Nap Lajoie were also members, I decided to join as well, though their nomenclature is rather peculiar; I was assigned the column @Addie_Joss. I suppose it is that way because denoting your name in each column would take up too much valuable space.

But the column by Ryan on the Twitter circular saying that I was a hack writer was the final straw. A hack writer is a rather cruel epithet for someone who prides himself on giving his readers quality writing no matter the subject. I write rather well on all sporting subjects, and given my immense popularity in Toledo and Cleveland, calling me a hack seems only an attempt to demean my character. Might this establishment be owned by The Blade? I will attempt to find this out.

Moreover, by allowing its readers space to submit their own columns, I believe that this establishment is a den of hacks, with Ryan as its chief. I see Ryan has written five columns just within the past two days, a sign of hackdom if there ever was one. And all of them seem to have a positive attitude about the local base ball team, another sign of hackdom. I strive to be a disinterested and objective writer, even when covering my own team, but I see that this establishment has left its objectivity at the door.

So as further connection with this place will only serve to drag down my reputation, this column will serve as my resignation letter.


P.S. I have also written a small column to this effect at the Twitter circular, as it also seems to be viper's nest of hacks.