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What to expect from Let's Go Tribe this regular season

With the regular season fast approaching, it's time for Let's Go Tribe to change gears.

A woman who does not know Chuck sits at a laptop adjacent to a stuffed animal.
A woman who does not know Chuck sits at a laptop adjacent to a stuffed animal.
Vince Caligiuri

If You're New: First, welcome! I recommend that you spend a couple days exploring this site, reading the content and the comments, and getting a general feel for Let's Go Tribe. We're a little different than other places, and in a good way; the percentage of intelligent baseball conversation is as high here as at any other baseball fan site on the Internet, but although the comments section may appear daunting at first, please don't feel nervous about jumping in. Honestly, we won't bite.

Note: This post also will appear in the Library section at the top of the site.

To this point most of the content here has been about season previews, chatting during Spring Training games, and talking about the 25-man roster makeup. Though there will still be general analysis during the season, the emphasis will switch to the games themselves, whether it be a series preview, the game thread, or one of the recaps. For a baseball fan, the game is where the action is, and on a game day, that's what Let's Go Tribe will be keying on.

Let me take you through a typical game day, with an evening game scheduled for 7:00.

8:00 AM - News and Notes. Here you'll be getting news from last night's game as well as links to other Indians-related content, and news from around Major League Baseball. Woodsmeister and westbrook will continue to update you during the week, and Jason and I will continue to do the weekend updates.

10:00 AM - News Breakout. Every weekday morning I'll be taking one of the pieces of news, whether it be about the Indians or another club, and offering my commentary on it. If for instance there's a big trade elsewhere in baseball, I'll be giving my take on it, in addition to links to other reactions.

12:00 PM - Long-Form Analysis. This is generally when you'll be seeing the long-form posts that you've come to expect. Depending on the day or how the schedule works out, you could seeing a series preview, and AL Central review, a Top 100 Indians profile, a Minor League Update, or something topical.

On Friday afternoons, we'll be posting a weekly best-of Let's Go Tribe comments entitled Soylent Green (which refers to the color that heavily recommended comments turn). We've done this occasionally in the past, but starting this Friday it will be a regular feature. So if want to appear on Friday's Soylent Green, be sure to unleash your creativity and sharpen your wits.

5:00 PM - Game Thread Posted. This is where you'll be able to talk about tonight's game, the lineup, the pitching matchup, what you're having for dinner, your beverage of choice, or whatever else is on your mind. If needed we'll add additional game threads. The goal is to have fun, even if the game isn't going the way we'd like it.

During the game: we'll be posting alongside you in the game thread, as well as on our Twitter accounts (see below).

10:30 PM - Quick Recap. This is different than how we've done recaps before. Instead of one post-game recap, which was normally posted a half-hour after the game and expanded into a recap an hour or two later, we're going to have two recaps. The Quick Recap will have links to the boxscores, the WPA Graph, and the game thread(s) Roll Call, as well as some quick commentary on what just happened. This is designed to be a reaction thread, where you can decompress, commiserate or celebrate, and otherwise talk with other Tribe fans about what you just saw.

Overnight - Long Recap. Previously I've tried to strike a balance between having the recap up as soon as possible after the last out and doing the most in-depth recap I can. I'd rather not have to compromise quality for timeliness, so a quick recap will be posted as soon as possible after the last out to provide the timeliness function, and the long recap will be posted first thing in the morning to provide the quality function. I'm excited about having more flexibility with time, and I'm planning on doing some things I just couldn't do before.

Social Media:

If you're on Google Plus or Facebook, you can follow Let's Go Tribe via those platforms.

Here's the Let's Go Tribe author Twitter feeds:

  • Ryan: @LetsGoTribe
  • Jason: @JasonLukehart
  • westbrook: @patsfb
  • woodsmeister: @grantgw

General thoughts: This lineup is designed to give you all the daily information you'll need as a fan of the Indians, and also to give you the opportunity to talk about the team with your fellow fans; I feel that high-quality content and a vibrant community go hand-in-hand, and that's what this schedule is emphasizing.